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Authentic autographed memorabilia from sports cards, autographed jerseys, and all major sports including Peyton Manning, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and many others can be found on this page. Rookie cards from these players also are highlighted.  For all your purchasing needs and holiday gift ideas, please visit Autographed Jerseys

In autographed sports memorabilia, you can purchase authentic game worn jersey cards and rookies from major sports manufacturers such as Panini, Topps, Upper Deck (including high end sets such as Ultimate Collection and Exquisite).  You also can purchase the full size versions of the jerseys.  This page will highlight these different choices.  Unopened boxes of baseball cards and sports cards offer a great chance to get surprise players in there, as provided they are not searched, you will get a random assortment of the best possible players that are included in the sets.  The links on this page will lead you to detailed product information for each specific player.

Kobe Bryant Autographed Jerseys are the utmost in quality for an autographed memorabilia item from either the authentic jersey variety, or even an actual jersey worn in an NBA game.  All are available, though please consider what your budget is as these tend to be expensive and valuable.

Peyton Manning Autographed Jerseys are great purchases as well.  The Indianapolis Colts superstar and future hall of famer in my opinion has proven by winning the Super Bowl and throwing for many 300 yard games that his name belongs in the discussion about the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

For Michael Jordan rookie cards, as well as Lance Armstrong autographed cycling memorabilia, Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong autographs are here. Included are basketball cards and memorabilia.

Michael Jordan basketball cards and memorabilia - what would the Dream Team have been without MJ23? Michael Jordan Fleer rookie graded a BGS 8.5 

For great autographed items from Lebron James, these are a great idea - Lebron James autographed jerseys of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar.

Let's discuss some sports cards now.  Upper Deck Ultimate Collection contains many autographed and game worn jersey and multi color patch cards, and an unopened box makes a great Christmas and holiday present.  An unopened box of UD Premier also has great cards as well.

The community of My Baseball Card Space heavily includes Michael Jordan because he really is a fantastic player to write about, and he also contains some of the most sought after basketball cards in the world.  Please join the home pages of the site as they are free communities, and you can find many sports card collectors from all around the world.  The home page of this site, My Baseball Cards, also has many more great articles.