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What are your baseball cards worth when you want to sell them? This is a great article to determine your baseball card values as far as how much you can get someone to buy your baseball cards for.  Baseball and sports cards are worth different prices to different people.  Baseball collectible enthusiasts have an appetite for more than just playing cards. The collectibles and memorabilia that's now being sought after spans the spectrum from bobble heads, bats, gloves, jerseys to autographed balls, caps and even action figures.

Many collectors are trying to sell their baseball cards, I also would like to sell some of my baseball cards as well.  There is a community created specifically to find people to trade cards with, and if you want to, please
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Baseball cards have been around for quite some time and are quite valuable.  The vintage years are very valuable and of course, the better condition the cards are in the more they are worth.  Recently, card companies have been manufacturing exquisite products such as Upper Deck Exquisite basketball, Ultimate Collection football and many other high end products.  These have autographed cards of baseball superstars and rookies such as Kevin Maas, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr. and many others.

I have a decently large sports card collection and when I go about trying to determine what it would be worth, I often get confused.  There are so many cards and different factors to consider.  One is, even if it has a specific book value from Beckett, it may not necessarily bring as much money as another card of equal book value would.  Some players just are more popular and some teams are as well, especially taking regions into account.  If you have hockey cards, for instance, selling them in Canada or in states in America that love hockey will treat you well.  If you have basketball cards, there are areas that those are quite popular.  If you have Derek Jeter rookie cards, New York would be a great place to sell them, but not to buy them there.

To help give you examples of what you can expect your sports cards to be worth, here is some information based on Beckett card values and Ebay auction and store listing ending, completed auction prices.

If you have a 1977 Topps Andre Dawson rookie card, #473 in the set, you can expect to get about $5-$20 currently for it based on book value and completed Ebay auction prices.  I have noticed that since he just gained entry into the baseball hall of fame, the demand has skyrocketed for his rookie cards.  In the Beckett I have here which is the December/January 2009 Beckett Plus, the book value is $20.  If you have a near mint to mint copy of the card, you stand to get about $20 on Ebay most likely in my opinion, or should hold out until you can sell it for that.

A 1969 Topps baseball Reggie Jackson rookie card is another great vintage rookie card that you will be able to get a significant amount of monetary value for should you decide to sell it.  It is worth more in near mint condition, and even more in graded condition.  The best graders for the highest value are BGS, PSA, and SGC, with anyone else being slightly below that.  GAI is the next best grader.  For this card, #260, it books $300 in the price guide listed in the previous paragraph.  At the link highlighted above for Reggie Jackson rookies, you can see current prices on listed items.  Expect to pay at least $100, or to get $100, for a Reggie Jackson rookie card in great condition.

These are some examples of what you can expect to get for your baseball cards, and baseball card values are usually changing based on supply and demand and seasonal fluctuations.  Please visit our other sites for more information.

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