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Olympic basketball cards and memorabilia can be found on this page. The following are taken from articles from the sites and Basketball Card Selection and will be combined here so that you can find exactly what you are looking for in pertinence to valuable sports cards. Please take a moment to bookmark this page as it has valuable information on sports card values and prices.’

For pictorial and written memories of past Olympic teams:

Here is a great article about the Team U.S.A. basketball teams and players, United States to win Olympics is here. Included are basketball cards and memorabilia.

Michael Jordan basketball cards and memorabilia - what would the Dream Team have been without MJ23?

Hakeem Olajuwon basketball cards from the Dream Team in 1992, along with his NBA rookie cards.

Team U.S.A. is on their way to winning the gold medal in basketball. That is a forum topic discussion open for comments and the forum is free to join for everyone.

Though this is not the sport of basketball here, this item is worth mentioning.

Michael Phelps has brought Olympic Gold to the United States. He also has become a legend in the sport of swimming. His magnificent display of skill during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 has propelled his sport and his status to new heights. Amazingly, he has generated a level of excitement that rivals even the great Team USA Basketball team and may even be more popular. He truly captivates audiences.

Around the time of the Olympics, let us not forget about the gorillas in the Congo Republic of Africa that were found. 125,000 gorillas were found in the Republic of Congo in Africa according to reports today. In my opinion, this is an extraordinary event that is very important to our environment and an opportunity for us to value the creatures that inhabit our earth. For years, the gorillas have been endangered and it is comforting to know that there are more of them than there were thought to be before.

Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball player. He won several championships with the Chicago Bulls and also won an Olympic Gold Medal more recently in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. He was on the Dream Team and on what is widely considered to be the greatest basketball team ever assembled. I thought that was worth noting as the Olympic Games in Beijing are set to start. Hopefully the United States Olympic Team can draw on some of that greatness as they are about to embark on their mission to win another Gold for the country.

Kobe Bryant is among the players selected for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to represent the United States Olympic basketball team. He is a great player, has won several championships in the NBA, and has the maturity to lead the team to an Olympic victory. On August 8, 2008, the Beijing Olympics are set for the opening ceremony.

These Olympic Basketball cards are a great start on your basketball card collection.